There aren’t nearly enough deep breaths that can cool this anger…

Well! Where do I even begin? I’m a bit overwhelmed and exasperated just thinking about it. I suppose I should start by letting you know that a Senate candidate has informed America that pregnancies that result from rape are God’s will.

*humongous sigh* Yes, he actually said that.

Honestly, as a rape survivor, I feel truly bombarded by and frustrated with Republican idiocy and insensitivity this election. When is the GOP going to quit insulting sexual assault survivors? And the cherry on the turd sundae is that they are bringing their GOD into this. GOD wants you endure at least nine more months of trauma. GOD wanted you to have additional burdens on top of rape just because He felt like it. Mysterious ways and all that stuff. And these politicans agree with their GOD that we should have additional suffering because they are *Christians*. They truly nauseate me with their ignorance and arrogrance.

I remember being a 14 year old incest victim. My abuser had regular access to me. I am lucky that I was never in the position of being pregnant. It would have destroyed me. Even now if I was pregnant from rape, it would destroy me. I also believe that I wouldn’t be able to handle a pregnancy from consentual sex at this point in time either without serious trauma because after everything I’ve been through, I’m still not OK and the thought of childbirth frightens me.

And I remember that at 14 years old, I believed that their GOD hated me. Hated and hated me so much to let everything that had happened to me come to pass. Their GOD abandoned me. I still have yet to detangle the psychological pain from all their talk about their GOD and the damage their talk has done to my personal spirituality.

And then people like Richard Mourdock open their yaps with platitudes they don’t even truly understand, and they just remind me of how abandoned and hated I felt, and how many 14 year olds I met while volunteering with rape survivors who also felt that the Republican GOD abandoned them and hated them too.

On top of dealing with Republican insults, when survivors read discussions online they deal with people who have no idea what they are asking of rape victims and who only see the implications of withholding abortion rights from rape victims in abstract terms. They have no appreciation for the real world implications. In general they lack empathy. They compare rape victims choosing to terminate a pregnancy to slave owners. They say that because some ancestor of theirs was raped and they are alive today because of that rape and they are so awesome and special, any rape victims should be forced to continue their pregnancies regardless of what it means for the actual survivors whom they never once bother to think about.

It is extremely frustrating to read and hear all of this crap. Frankly, I’m running out of energy to talk back. I would agree with Einstein that human stupidity is infinite, and I would perhaps also add that maybe so is human insensitivity.

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One response to “There aren’t nearly enough deep breaths that can cool this anger…

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