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Well, Gwen Stefani has had a problem with cultural appropriation for many many years, and her latest fuck up involves Native Americans. Gee, who will be next? Ugh.

Daily Compass, a Unitarian Universalist blog, has some thoughts about we go round and round in life.

One amazing lady stood in line to vote yesterday, even after her water broke and she went into labor. Republicans can try to suppress the vote but they will be met with determined voters nevertheless!

Republicans poured so much money down the drain. And speaking of that, Karl Rove had a real sad last night, and stayed in the first stage of grief, denial.

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We did it!: Some thoughts in the aftermath.

Wow, what a night last night!

I’m so happy that President Obama has given another term. One thing certain about last night, that we’ve rounded some sort of corner, and there is no turning back.

It’s amazing to me, but I have seen online that not a few Romney voters are shellshocked and just can’t understand how President Obama could possibly have won re-election.

It’s quite simple. This country is changing, Romney voters are having to co-exist with people who see things differently than they do, and we are sick and tired of conservatives and those who supported Romney in this election telling us and showing s over and over that they think we are less a part of this great country than they are. Last night was our chance to tell them just that.

This entire election the Republican Party and its supporters constantly told us that as women, as African-Americans, or Latinos, or Asian-Americans or Native Americans, or young people, or GLBT people or the poor or as survivors of sexual assault for f**ks sake, we were somehow less-than they. Less American, less worthy of the great Promise of this country. And we said last night, no, you are wrong. We are just as American, just as worthy, and we want to move this nation forward. And we will.

Unfortunately, some conservatives have yet to really listen to us and get this simple truth through their heads. And as long as they continue to discount what we have to say, they will continue to lose at the polls. Because, quite frankly, repeatedly insulting a majority of the country is no way to win an election and now that we have turned this corner, it’s NOT going to work for the GOP anymore.

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Holy crap, I’m voting for Roy Ashburn, IOKIYAR personified, and other local political potpourri.

I never ever, ever thought I’d say this, but I am a Roy Ashburn supporter in this election. As a Kern County politician, Ashburn routinely voted against GLBT rights, until that is, he was arrested for a DUI that resulted in him having to apologize…and to come out of the closet as a gay man. In the beginning, my anger was palpable. It was bad enough that he would vote to deny rights to his lesbian daughter, but to deny his own rights? Inconceivable! But that’s exactly what he did. As he explains here, he was afraid to come out of the closet, and if he supported GLBT rights he would be risking outing himself:

In the aftermath of his coming out, he decided to openly support gay rights (although he says that if GLBT issues lead to big government he will be against it…hey, at least he’s making progress). I find the interview that I just linked refreshing. But still, I don’t know if I was ready to make nice.

But, now the seat of Kern County Supervisor is being contested between Ashburn and Mick Gleason. If the company one keeps is a sign of how they will govern, then I can’t support Mick Gleason who is allied with Tea Party rifraff like Kevin McCarthy. Sooooo, come Tuesday, I will be among those who vote to give Roy Ashburn a second chance at serving Kern County. I hope he wins this election, and I hope he continues to make progress on GLBT rights (that big government comment gives me a headache).

In other local political news, I support Rudy Salas over Pedro Rios for California State Assembly. Even though I have given Rios my vote before for Delano City Council, I am far too alienated by and distrustful of the Republican Party at this point to do so again. In addition to that, Rios has demonstrated a uniquely Republican hypocrisy. The October Surprise in this race is that Rios was brought to the United States illegally as a child and benefited from Reagan’s amnesty program, but he doesn’t support the DREAM Act. Rios received his political act of mercy, and to heck with Delano youths who would be helped by the DREAM Act. That is especially gross.

And finally, I am very frustrated with John Hernandez who was been a lazy, non-existent campaigner for our Congressional seat. Karl Freaking Rove has been buying ads for Valadeo calling a Hernandez a socialist but he doesn’t even need to because I doubt Hernandez has the energy to be a socialist either. Ay yi yi, my kingdom for a decent Dem candidate!

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Hurricane Sandy; Dia de Los Muertos, no they’re not related.

Here’s a quick salutation from me. I hope you have had a nice Halloween. I hope everyone who was in Sandy’s path is safe, warm, dry, and well fed.

Today is Dia de Los Muertos, and I wasn’t able to visit the cemetery today so instead while heading home on the bus from the grocery store I put my hand on my heart as I passed the part of the cemetery where my father is buried. Tonight I am simply partaking in the pan de muerto (bread of the dead, a very nice sweet bread that is a tradition) and posting messages of love and respect to the Find a Grave memorial pages of people I knew and love, as well as people I didn’t know (I just left a message for John Lennon, Mom was a big Beatles fan who raised me on the music). Next year, if I can actually afford craft supplies, I will make altars. But I’m broke this year!

I’ve had a bad and distracting toothache, but there should be posts this weekend!

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From Hopeless Bookworm’s (Blog) Reading Pile:

First, before I share any links, I would like to say rest in peace to the amazing Russell Means. I hope his spirit flies free and happy.

Let’s get started:

John McCain pretends to care about rape victims. Don’t believe a word he says.

This will surprise no one, but John Sununu is a racist asshole who isn’t doing Mitt Romney any favors (or maybe he is in terms of the GOP’s bigots).

Daily Kos talks about how it’s a very very bad idea to let Mitt get his mitts on our Social Security.

All about how the 1% use their money and their influence to take and take and take and influence our political system to give them more and more and more.

And finally, he’s a really good article on how changes in Mexican society during the 20th century have created new opportunities for Mexico’s Jewish community to take part in the society in the ways they couldn’t or wouldn’t have before. (This article is entirely in Spanish, so be warned)

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There aren’t nearly enough deep breaths that can cool this anger…

Well! Where do I even begin? I’m a bit overwhelmed and exasperated just thinking about it. I suppose I should start by letting you know that a Senate candidate has informed America that pregnancies that result from rape are God’s will.

*humongous sigh* Yes, he actually said that.

Honestly, as a rape survivor, I feel truly bombarded by and frustrated with Republican idiocy and insensitivity this election. When is the GOP going to quit insulting sexual assault survivors? And the cherry on the turd sundae is that they are bringing their GOD into this. GOD wants you endure at least nine more months of trauma. GOD wanted you to have additional burdens on top of rape just because He felt like it. Mysterious ways and all that stuff. And these politicans agree with their GOD that we should have additional suffering because they are *Christians*. They truly nauseate me with their ignorance and arrogrance.

I remember being a 14 year old incest victim. My abuser had regular access to me. I am lucky that I was never in the position of being pregnant. It would have destroyed me. Even now if I was pregnant from rape, it would destroy me. I also believe that I wouldn’t be able to handle a pregnancy from consentual sex at this point in time either without serious trauma because after everything I’ve been through, I’m still not OK and the thought of childbirth frightens me.

And I remember that at 14 years old, I believed that their GOD hated me. Hated and hated me so much to let everything that had happened to me come to pass. Their GOD abandoned me. I still have yet to detangle the psychological pain from all their talk about their GOD and the damage their talk has done to my personal spirituality.

And then people like Richard Mourdock open their yaps with platitudes they don’t even truly understand, and they just remind me of how abandoned and hated I felt, and how many 14 year olds I met while volunteering with rape survivors who also felt that the Republican GOD abandoned them and hated them too.

On top of dealing with Republican insults, when survivors read discussions online they deal with people who have no idea what they are asking of rape victims and who only see the implications of withholding abortion rights from rape victims in abstract terms. They have no appreciation for the real world implications. In general they lack empathy. They compare rape victims choosing to terminate a pregnancy to slave owners. They say that because some ancestor of theirs was raped and they are alive today because of that rape and they are so awesome and special, any rape victims should be forced to continue their pregnancies regardless of what it means for the actual survivors whom they never once bother to think about.

It is extremely frustrating to read and hear all of this crap. Frankly, I’m running out of energy to talk back. I would agree with Einstein that human stupidity is infinite, and I would perhaps also add that maybe so is human insensitivity.

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From Hopeless Bookworm’s (Blog) Reading Pile:

Sadly, former presidential candidate and senator George McGovern passed away on Sunday. I am finally going to have to break down and finally record One Bright Shining Moment on DVR soon so that I can learn more about this legendary man. RIP Senator McGovern.

Thrinakia has a interesting post about Sofia the First, the new Latina Disney Princess. I think that Disney has walked into a potential hornet’s nest of controversy about colorism within the Latin@ community because Sofia is a g├╝erita. What do you think?

Sunday also brought us yet another mass shooting in Wisconsin. *big sigh*

An anti-GLBT speech in Missouri turns out to have a delicious twist ending.

Have a good Monday, everyone!

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